Pure Nude Art Workshops

Small groups of photographers have the opportunity to participate in Classical Art Nude Workshops. Usually limited to a maximum of 5 photographers, these workshops introduce the photographers to working with experienced models in a manner that will create enduring art, suitable for exhibition showings.


Concepts such as:
- Advanced Lighting Techniques
- Posing a Classical Art Nude Model
- The difference between Glamour & Art
- Community Acceptance of Classical Art Nude images
- Editing and Printing for Art Galleries
- Dealing with and obtaining models
and much more are covered in these workshops.


Advanced workshops are available for experienced photographers that have worked with nude models in the past, but who wish to lift their work beyond the Glamour style.


Introductory workshops are available for experienced photographers that wish to explore the concepts of nude photography and begin to create a folio of their work.


Camera clubs and groups of photographers are encouraged to join forces, collaborate and contact us with a small group of potential participants. Costs are minimized, and results can be a part of a club challenge or exhibition.

The cost of a one day workshop starts from as little as $150 per participant when there is a group booking. This can increase to $190 per participant for individuals.

One to one mentoring: One participant, one model, one mentor workshopping is available at extra charge.


After touring 40 of the lower 48 states, auditioning models, interviewing photographers and testing these workshops, we are aware of the immense difference this can make to a photographer's work and their future opportunities. 


All photographers are required to be over 18 years of age & will be required to submit examples of their work online before an application will be considered.

Potential models are required to be over 18 years of age and should submit their online portfolio or images prior to interview.

Participants at Pure-Nude-Art
2 day
(location and studio)
breakthrough Workshops.


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